My passion for traveling and interacting with people, from different walks of life, made me commence my career as a tourism professional. Despite my stint with corporates, and having won accolades, deep down I knew, that’s not the life meant for me. The conflict between our career and calling, or anything we do, which does not align with our intrinsic nature, or core values, is like creating a conflict among our mind, body, and soul.

I am Dilvinder Singh Taluja, founder of Mindful Inner Transformation® and I am pursuing my calling of learning and imparting, as a Life Coach, Speaker and upcoming Author. The journey called life has never been ordinary for me. I never asked for the usual, run of the mill way of living, and I have been blessed, not to have one.

Being born and brought up in Himachal, nature has always been extremely close to my heart. It has always brought me closer to myself and helped me profoundly to reflect and introspect. Having fetched my first job in a metro city, my professional journey began by shifting from a green jungle to a concrete jungle. It felt like as if an integral part of my life has been left behind.

This conflict gave me a reason and opportunity to rediscover, my individuality, my existence, and my true purpose in life. I realized, even when everything seems to be fine outside, our inner world could be in utmost turmoil. While being on a journey to reinvent and rediscover myself, I realized bringing about the substantial change in life, begins with changing the world from inside. Here where my journey for Mindful Inner Transformation® started, and it changed my entire perspective of living and looking at life.

Mindful Inner Transformation® is a sincere attempt to impact and help people transforming their lives. Helping them to have a better understanding of themselves from the challenges faced and learnings acquired from my own life experiences. Out of my journey of attaining peace, purpose, and success for meaningful existence.

How fruits of the outer world are the manifestation of the seeds sown, in our inner world. How life can only be richer, happier, fulfilling, and meaningful, if we are able to strike a balance between both, within and outside.

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