Your journey starts with your first step…

What kind of a person are you? Someone who embraces the change readily, or someone who resists to come out of your comfort zone. The biggest fear is known to be as, the fear of the unknown. Why most of the time, we are not ready to take the most crucial first step, to make headway in life. Because we are habitual of looking at the hazy and unclear destination, rather than taking a few steps, on the clear and visible ground.

As a human we are conditioned to resist, any kind of a change, be it physical, mental, or emotional. Any stimulus, which forces us to shift our outlook, perception, preconceived notions, or deep-rooted beliefs.

We are always dissuaded by the long journey of, commitment, consistency, and hard work. That is the reason, it is always advised, to break up your long-term plans, ambitions, big dreams, and Life goals, into small and powerful steps. The steps, which help you in maintaining your consistency, direction, pace and zeal.

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