What we perceive is what we believe

Have you heard of…We listen, what we want to listen to, and we see, what you want to see? We humans have this tendency to notice and acknowledge events, for which we have been looking to gather some information. Our mind starts giving the priority to the selected written, audio, and visual information, pertaining to things we want to possess, attain, and achieve.

Ironically, at times we tend to ignore the reality and believe in, what we want to believe. Knowingly or unknowingly, consciously, or subconsciously, we start looking around for the external validation for our self believes, opinions, thoughts, and decisions. That is the reason, it is always advisable that after referring to all the external sources, the right decision comes from within. It is you, who is blessed with all the capabilities and intellect, to make your own choices and decisions.

While making our own decisions, we should always keep in mind that our choices are not made of, looking for external validation from the people around. Rather it should come out of sheer conviction and our very own discerning abilities.

So, so let us take a step forward, on a journey, where we face and embrace the reality, instead of avoiding it.

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